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How To Document Don't Create (Thanks GaryVee)

Hey guys! Today we are talking about how to document don't create.

So let's get started.

Gary Vee is credited with saying document don't create. One of the easiest ways you can get a ton of great video content is by hosting a live webinar and teaching as much as you can about your business to prospects and like-minded colleagues.

A few weeks ago I co-hosted an Ask Me Anything webinar with Zineb Layachi. We talked for over an hour with a group of business owners on how and why they can start using video to network and promote their businesses.

As the attention span of folks here is pretty short that one hour can be used as countless clips just like this one. I don't like to see the bars on the sides, but you know, if you annoy a bunch of video producers who cares.

All that really matters is your results. For my consulting clients, I recommend they create regular vlogs because we as business owners always have things we want to tell prospects.

So it just makes sense to keep it simple and just tell them. But as you have prospect calls, host webinars and even just grab virtual coffee with colleagues, look for those opportunities to record yourself in context of your work and leverage that content.

That is it for today guys, I would love to hear from you. How you document rather than create?

Everybody does it a little bit differently but I would really love to hear how you do it.

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