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The Addictiveness of Social Media & How You Can Leverage The Opportunity

Hey Guys, today we're talking about why making great social posts is literally addictive and why I do not care! So let's get started.

Over the years there's been a number of studies showing that social media is addictive. According to a study by marketers at Mediakix, people spend more time on social media each day than they do on eating, drinking, and socializing combined.

Part of that is because we as humans have evolved as highly social creatures that need connections with our community members and we need to feel validated and accepted and have our status continually reinforced.

But there are also physical addictive qualities to posting: a study from Harvard University showed that self-disclosure online fires up a part of the brain that also lights up when taking an addictive substance, like cocaine.

So why should we consider creating and responding to posts on social media a good thing?

Because if you're doing it right, and in a healthy way, the sheer act of sharing your thoughts, views, business experiences and interactions can not only build your business but create a feedback loop of positive reinforcement that you're marketing in the right way.

Getting that feedback from your community not only feels great but it makes you want to do it more and more. If you're not making great content yet for your business, I encourage you to get started today.

Let yourself get hooked on this addiction. Don't let it ruin your life like that one time in Las Vegas but give yourself some permission to have fun with your business content and you'll just want to make more and more. It's confession time for you guys. I really want to hear who is completely addicted to social media posting?

How has it ruined your life? How has it made it better?

I really want to hear it below.

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