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The Little-Known Benefits of LinkedIn Inbound Marketing

Today we're talking about the hidden benefits of inbound marketing on LinkedIn.

When I started making videos on LinkedIn last year, I had no idea what I was doing. But I have found that there is a huge benefit to inbound marketing that I never would have guessed.

The benefit is, I am now working only with clients who I like. Some of these clients include Kevin Peranio, Raquel Borras, Brian Fleck, Matt Kroll, Ellie RedCloud, Deanna Nwosu, Krista Spence, Judy McCutcheon, Eric Brooker, Allison Demas, Kris Nurse and Kristin Durney and actually, a lot more than that. I really had no idea how fulfilling this aspect of my work would be.

Previously, when my main lead-gen source was word of mouth, clients came to us for a variety of reasons.

They heard about us from our previous clients.

They needed a video and thought maybe we would be the right fit.

They had money and needed to burn it somewhere.

There was a host of reasons.

However, the challenge with this strategy is you end up working with a variety of personalities. Some of whom you get along great with and some of whom you don't. Since I started putting out videos on LinkedIn, it has systemized my lead-gen source, and the people who now reach out have already decided that they like me before we even start working together.

This is so huge. I'm sure most of you out there have had clients or customers that kept you up a night wondering, Are they happy? Is the project going well? Do I need to wake up extra early tomorrow and send up an email to check in?

When you only have clients that you enjoy working with, a lot of that sleeplessness and worry just goes away. Yes, sometimes people reach out and they're not the perfect fit for budget or for another reason, but they're no longer reaching out, and being bad personality fits.

This is a big benefit that I could not have predicted, and I am incredibly grateful that it exists. And it's all due to creating content and letting people choose to work with me.

Video makers, I would really love to hear from you, have there been hidden benefits to making your videos that you could not have predicted. I would really, really be interested to hear it.

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